The Chevy Spark is too cool for words

This is why pencils have erasers.

(For you kids out there, pencils are something people used to write things with before texting was invented.)

Earlier today General Motors sent out a press release touting the urban coolness of its upcoming Chevrolet Spark microcar, which was “remixed” for the United States with input from young people.

It highlighted many of the car’s features including a cloud-connected infotainment system, hill hold for easy use of the manual transmission in the hip neighborhoods of San Francisco, and an overall street cred bestowed on it by “hooking up the Spark with 15-inch dubs.”

(For you old folks out there, “dubs” is slang for 20-inch or larger wheels.)

A sharp eye in the Fox Car Report office, who had nothing better to do this morning than read the press release in full, spotted the overenthusiastic effort and word of Chevy’s ill-fated attempt to connect with the youth of today quickly spread around the Web.

Luckily, instead of trying to cover up the fail by looking for a more appropriate word in the Urban Dictionary, an editor stepped off and simply changed “dubs” to “wheels” on the release.

They still do look snazzy, though.

(Or should that be “The Snazz?”)

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