Texas may get 85 mph highway



How many times is Sammy Hagar going to have to rewrite “I Can’t Drive 55?”

The Texas Department of Transportation has announced that it may allow a stretch of toll road being built near Austin to have an 85 mph speed limit, according to radio station WOAI.

Most of the currently open sections of State Highway 130 have a limit of 80 mph, the highest in the nation. The Speed Management Director for the DOT says the road “was designed under extremely high design parameters.”

Tests will be conducted to determine the final limit once the road is completed, but officials think an 85 mph limit will make the toll road a draw and help lessen congestion on the local freeways.

Last year the Texas legislature passed a law allowing for an 85 mph limit on approved highways, which would be second in the world only to Poland and Abu Dhabi which both have maximum posted limits of 86 mph. Certain stretches of Germany’s Autobahn road network have no limit at all.

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