'Faster Pastor' breaks motorcycle hearse world speed record

Motorcycle Funerals Ltd.

 (Motorcycle Funerals Ltd.)

What a way to go.

British Reverend Paul Sinclair has piloted a motorcycle converted into a hearse to an unofficial world record speed of 117.6 mph, according to the Leicester Mercury newspaper.

Known as the Faster Pastor, the former Pentacostal minister runs a funeral service business that features a fleet of bikes with casket-carrying sidecars for departed motorcycle enthusiasts to take one last ride in. This particular one was built from a high-performance Suzuki Hayabusa sport bike.

The record run took place last week at a speed trials event on an airport runway in the city of York and will replace the existing mark of 114.1, set last year at the same venue by Rev. Ray Biddiss, if it is accepted by the Guinness Book of World Records organization.

Sinclair told the paper, “I was a bit apprehensive about the reception I’d get from the other riders as I’ve arranged funerals services for many of their late friends. That’s why I turned up in the same smart, black clothes I’d wear for a service.”

Sinclair’s company website advertises its services with the line: “no one submits a Protestant to a Muslim service or places an Everton fan in a Liverpool strip when they die so why should motorcycle enthusiasts be last seen in an automobile?"

Not satisfied with the speed, Sinclair says he plans to give it another go soon, next time dressed in his tight leather motorcycle riding outfit, which he thinks will allow him to break 120 mph.