Will the Plymouth Barracuda make a comeback?

  • 1973 Plymouth Barracuda restored by Matt Gaisbacher of Charleroi, Pa.

    1973 Plymouth Barracuda restored by Matt Gaisbacher of Charleroi, Pa.  (Chrysler)

  • 1965 Plymouth Barracuda

    1965 Plymouth Barracuda  (Chrysler)

Can someone play an April Fool’s Day joke more than two years ahead of time?

Motor Trend is reporting that Chrysler plans to bring back the Barracuda name on a new vehicle that will be introduced in time for the model’s 50th anniversary on April 1st, 2014.

The magazine first reported in January, during the Detroit Auto Show, that it was hearing such rumors, but now appears set to put the story in print, giving them more credence. Coincidentally, the story will appear in the magazine’s April issue.

Sources say that the reborn ‘Cuda will replace the Dodge Challenger as Chrysler’s entry in the pony car wars. It would come to the fight as a smaller, lighter vehicle with the handling chops needed to better compete head-to-head with the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro; something the Challenger, which is based on the full-size Charger sedan, has been unable to do, particularly on the sales charts.

Using a new rear-wheel-drive platform that will also spawn a number of Alfa Romeo models, the one-time Plymouth nameplate would likely be marketed under Chrysler’s newly-formed SRT brand, as will the upcoming Viper.

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Unlike the retro Challenger, however, it will not be a carbon copy of one of the original Barracudas, which were produced between 1964 and 1974. Instead, the fully-modern sports car will merely tap a few styling cues from its forebears for inspiration, according to Motor Trend.

Could the Hurst Hemi Under Glass make a comeback, too? Fools can dream.

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