Adriana Lima stars in 5-hour Kia commercial



You won’t see it on television, but if you hit play you may not be watching TV for a long time anyway.

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima stars alongside the rock band Motley Crue in Kia’s Super Bowl ad, but she gets the spotlight to herself in a video released by the automaker on the internet that shows nothing but the scantily clad Brazilian standing on an auto racing track waving a checkered flag…for five hours straight.

The mesmerizingly epic slow-motion video appears to be a succession of clips shot for the much shorter Super Bowl spot, in which she appears in a man’s dream as he races around the speedway in a Kia Optima sedan.

Viewers with the fortitude to sit through the entire thing will discover a message that reads: “Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end, but don’t worry you can start over.”

Along with being entertaining, the video is a good primer for anyone who doesn’t think modeling is a tough job. One look at the stilettos she’s standing in the entire time will have anyone headed for the nearest La-Z-Boy.

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