Michael Andretti Becomes an Apprentice

Over the course of his career, Michael Andretti has been both a driving champion and the successful owner of multiple auto racing teams, but soon he’ll be just an apprentice.

“I do things backwards sometimes,” Andretti tells

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The heir to the most famous name in motorsports is one of the contestants on the upcoming season of Donald Trump’s top-rated reality show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.” There he joins a wide-ranging collection of stars that includes Arsenio Hall, Teresa Giudice and Lou “The Incredible Hulk” Ferrigno.

“It’s an intense show, what you see on TV is what it’s really like.”

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Andretti stepped in as a last-minute replacement for his son, Marco, who competes in the IndyCar series for his father’s team. The 24-year-old chose to bow out after the back-to-back deaths of his maternal grandfather and fellow racer Dan Wheldon last year.

“It’s quite different,” Andretti says. “Reality TV was something new for me and I was definitely not in my element.”

The bulk of the series was shot during hectic one-month period in October and November, just as Andretti’s team was gearing up for a busy off-season developing the all-new racing car that IndyCar is introducing this year.

“It was tough to leave the shop at that point, but my guys at the shop did a great job,” Andretti says.

Along with the other competitors on the show, Andretti is playing for charity. He represents Racing for Cancer, a foundation that was set up by another one of his team’s drivers, Ryan Hunter-Reay, after his mother died from the disease.

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As for the political aspirations of his temporary new boss, would Andretti accept a cabinet appointment from President Trump? Secretary of Transportation, perhaps?

“Yea I would. Help out the country.”

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