Latest Toyota recall based on three-year-old reports



Toyota’s worldwide recall last week of 270,000 Lexus vehicles was based in part on reports it received more than three years ago on faulty engine valve springs, the automaker said Tuesday, according to Reuters.

Toyota said it received a report from the Japan market in March 2007 that led it to examine a broken engine valve spring. The company said it made improvements but continued to receive reports of broken valve springs.

The automaker increased the thickness of the valve springs in August 2008 and September 2009 but reports of faulty springs made before August 2008 persisted, according to Reuters. Toyota did not receive reports of crashes or injuries related to the problem.

Toyota announced last week it would recall 270,000 Lexus vehicles, including nearly 139,000 in the U.S., due to complaints about engine valve defects

The automaker has recalled approximately 10 million vehicles worldwide since late last year over a series of safety issues.