‘You’re a very bad man,’ 4-year-old tells terrorist at Kenya mall

A 4-year-old British boy stood up to one of the Al Qaeda-linked terrorists that attacked a Kenyan shopping mall, telling him “you’re a very bad man,” his uncle says, before he escaped the building with his family.

Elliott Prior was shopping with his mother and sister at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi on Saturday when the Islamists besieged the building, targeting non-Muslims.

The terrorist was taken aback by Elliot Prior’s remark, saying, "Please forgive me, we are not monsters,” his uncle, Alex Coutts, told The Sun, according to the AFP. The attacker then handed the family Mars candy bars in an apparent sign of pity.

The situation began when the terrorists went into a supermarket inside the mall and said kids were allowed to leave, if they were still alive.

Elliott’s mom, Amber, decided to stand up and say “yes,” Coutts said. Elliott then argued with the attackers before Amber scooped him and his sister up, along with two other children, and pushed them outside the mall in a shopping cart, The Sun reports.

Elliott and his sister Amelie were later seen eating the Mars bars outside the mall while a dead body lay behind them.

Amber told The Sun that the militants declared that they only wanted to kill Kenyans and Americans, according to the AFP.

The Somali-based terrorist group al-Shabab said it was behind the attack.