UK woman who spent 55 years looking for twin sister finds her living 3 miles away

A British woman who was separated from her twin sister at birth spent 55 years searching for her sibling -- only to find her living in the same town.

Jennifer ­Wilson, 67, knew that she and her twin both were given up as babies and tried for decades to track down her sister without success, the Daily Mirror reported.

Wilson, from Rotherham, northern England, registered her name with social services and consulted a clairvoyant who told her that she would find her twin, but she had no luck until a TV company making a show about reuniting families traced her long-lost sister.

Kathleen Millns had always lived just three miles away from Wilson -- and the pair even shared the same doctor and dentist.

Millns said, "I wish Jen could have been my bridesmaid at my wedding and godmother to my children. But you can't dwell on the past, you've got to move on. But we found each other, and now we can spend lots of time together."

Wilson added, "All my life, I missed my sister and felt like there was something missing. Now, it feels like we've always been together."