UK pub owners compared to London attacker for serving foie gras

The owners of a U.K. pub have been compared to London terror attacker Khalid Masood for serving foie gras, The Telegraph reports.

David and Samantha McHattie say they are being bullied online by animal rights activists. They are the owners of The Bridge Inn in Calver, which opened last year with foie gras on the menu.

“One activist compared me to the terrorist involved in the recent London attack while one said any parent who feeds their child meat is as abusive as a parent who gives their child a cigarette,” Samantha McHattie told the paper. “The majority of these activists are not even from the U.K. and never even been to the village, let alone the pub.”

She added, “I am all for democracy and campaigning for what you believe in, but there is a certain way to go about it. All they are trying to do is blackmail us and expect us to roll over. We are doing nothing wrong.”

Masood was shot dead March 22 after running over pedestrians with an SUV and fatally stabbing a policeman near Parliament.

The Telegraph reported that the pub was targeted after a recent Facebook post.

A customer praised the food but said she would not be back after finding foie gras on the menu.

The Bridge Inn wrote back that it hoped the customer would still return. The post was then shared on social media by animal rights activists in the U.K. and other countries, including Canada and the U.S.