U.S. Drone Missile Strike Kills 5 Militants in Pakistan

A U.S. drone fired two missiles into a Taliban compound in Pakistan's tribal area near the Afghan border late Monday, killing at least five militants, security officials said.

The compound, located in mountainous Boya village about 12 miles west of North Waziristan region's main town of Miranshah, belonged to a militant commander.

"The compound was owned by local Taliban commander Tariq Khan," a security official told AFP, adding that the unmanned aircraft fired two missiles.

"We have confirmation of five people killed," an administration official said, adding that the death toll may rise. At least two militants were believed to have been wounded.

North Waziristan has been increasingly targeted in the covert U.S. drone campaign since a Jordanian Al Qaeda double agent blew himself up killing seven CIA employees in a neighboring Afghan province in December.

Washington calls Pakistan's tribal belt the global headquarters of Al Qaeda and the most dangerous region in the world. Islamist militants in the area are believed to be fueling the nearly nine-year insurgency in Afghanistan.

Monday's missile attack came as Pakistani security forces killed 39 militants in heavy fighting in Orakzai, another tribal region, officials said.