Trail of flour spoiled British crook's half-baked burglary

Call it the Case of the Floury Footprints.

A British crook burglarizing his neighbor's apartment last year was quickly nabbed after he walked through a bag of flour and then left a trail of white footprints straight back to his own home, Sky News reported.

Anthony Rudkin, 48, of Somerset, England, was sentenced Friday to two years and five months in prison after admitting to donning gloves and breaking into his neighbor’s home in 2015.

In Bristol Crown Court, Rudkin admitted to stealing jewelry and a Playstation 4 video game console from the neighbor’s flat. But, during the burglary, a large bag of flour spilled across a hallway and Rudkin walked right through it.

“Rudkin thought he was being clever by using gloves to cover his tracks but failed to realize he had trodden in flour and led us straight to his front door,” Constable Dave Cousins of the Avon and Somerset Police said.

The neighbor later called police who simply followed the floury path to Rudkin’s home, where they found a pair of shoes whose soles matched the profile of the ones that had left the trail.

“Some investigations are incredibly complex,” Cousins said, “However in this case, the actions of the victim and attending officers resulted in Rudkin’s quick arrest and seizure of key evidence.”