Teenager trying to steal car gets trapped inside vehicle, calls police for help

A 17-year-old would-be car thief’s getaway was thwarted when he became trapped inside the vehicle he was trying to steal and had to call police for help, officials said.

The teenager called law enforcement on Christmas Eve to say he needed rescuing after he got “stuck” inside the vehicle, police in Trondheim – the third largest city in Norway – revealed Monday.


Police tweeted officers hurried to the scene “to get him out and into detention.”

Ebbe Kimo, a spokesperson with the police department, told local reporters the teenager “probably overestimated his own abilities.”

“He came to the conclusion that the police were best suited to help in such a situation, and we have to thank him for that,” Kimo added, according to the Adresseavisen newspaper.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK said the suspect – who has not been identified – was known to police for petty crimes and it was unclear why the doors of the car, which was parked outside of the dealership, had locked.