Taiwanese man allegedly attacks, kills Facebook user for flirting with wife, report says

A Taiwanese man and two buddies allegedly bludgeoned a Facebook user to death after it was discovered that the user flirted with his wife on the social networking site, the Agence France-Presse reported.

Chou You-huang, 34, who lives in Taiwan, set up a meeting with Chuang Shih-chang and when the two met at the agreed-upon location, Chuang was allegedly attacked by the three men carrying baseball bats, the report said.

Prior to the alleged attack, Chou’s wife insisted that she never met the online friend, but Chou did not believe her, The China Post reported.

The victim was discovered dead shortly after the alleged attack, the report said. The three alleged attackers told police they did not believe the injuries Chuang sustained were life threatening, the report said.