State TV reports Iran to allow nuclear inspectors access to Marivan, purported explosion site

Iranian state television is reporting that officials are again willing to give international nuclear inspectors access to a site where purported experiments on high explosives may have taken place.

The site in question is Marivan, some 480 kilometers (300 miles) west of Tehran near Iran's border with Iraq.

Iran has said since 2012 that experts from the U.N's International Atomic Energy Agency are free to visit Marivan. The agency originally suspected Marivan could have hosted high-explosive experiments that could be used to set off a nuclear charge. Iran has called the allegation baseless.

State television said Monday that Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesman of Iran's nuclear department, made the offer. It came as a two-member U.N. watchdog team arrived in Tehran for talks amid the country's nuclear negotiations with world powers.