South Sudan army capture rebel headquarters near Ethiopia

An official for South Sudan's opposition says that government forces have captured the rebels' headquarters in Pagak, along the Ethiopian border.

William Gatjiath Deng, spokesman for the IO opposition told The Associated Press that on Sunday evening government forces overtook the rebel-held stronghold and opposition headquarters in Pagak. Deng said the rebel forces are now regrouping.

Sources on the ground reported that the rebels burned the military barracks before fleeing, so that government soldiers wouldn't be able to use the ammunition.

Earlier this year the government declared a unilateral ceasefire but reports have continued of government-led offensives into Maiwut and toward Pagak, including the burning of houses and the killing of civilians.

Army spokesman Lul Ruai Koang did not confirm the reports, saying that he's "not aware" of Pagak's takeover.