South Korean Man Found 'Crucified' on Cross

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A South Korean man said to have fanatical religious views was found dead on a crucifix after an apparent attempt to emulate the death of Jesus Christ, the Korea Herald reports.

The body of the 58-year-old taxi driver was found on a wooden cross Sunday in an abandoned quarry mine in Mungyeong, with his hands and feet nailed to it.

Police tell AFP that the man was only wearing underpants and a crown of thorns when they found him on the cross. He had a stab wound to the right waist and several whip marks.

"We found at the scene pieces of paper describing how to construct a cross and carry out a crucifixion," a police office told AFP.

An autopsy showed that he used an electric drill to make holes in his palms, police told the Korea Herald. A hammer, a hand drill and a knife were found nearby the body.

Police are investigating whether the man killed himself or had help in his crucifixion.