Seeking a Splash: Klay goes for All-Star 3s upset of Curry

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A year after Stephen Curry had a record 27 points in the final round of the 3-point contest to beat Golden State Warriors teammate Klay Thompson, the latter is coming in with confidence on All-Star Saturday.

Thompson knows how good Curry is, so he couldn't have been terribly surprised when he was told during NBA All-Star player interviews that "everyone" thinks Curry is going to win the 3-point contest Saturday night.

It's not bothering Thompson, though. He says he's happy to "play the underdog for a night."

A heavy underdog, at least according to one betting site. Curry was made a 10 to 11 favorite Friday by Bovada, meaning an $11 wager would only pay $10. Kobe Bryant also picked Curry when asked.

The 3-point contest takes place between the Skills Challenge and slam dunk contest, but it may be the main event with the Splash Brothers from the NBA champions leading the field.