School's virginity test proposal brings outrage from education officials

A school district in Indonesia has considered giving a virginity test to female high school students.

"We are planning a virginity test for SMA (senior high school) girls and their equivalent,” H. M. Rasyid, head of the educational office in Prabumulih, South Sumatra, told Kompas on Aug. 19, according to the news site Khabar, Southeast Asia. “We're proposing funding for the test in the 2014 regional budget."

Kompas, also reportedly quoted Rasyid as adding, “We hope girl students don't fall into something negative. That is why we are discussing this for next year.”


But a few days later, and after the Kompas account was published, Rasyid reportedly backtracked, denying his office ever toyed with such a policy.

The Jakarta Globe, according to Khabar, reported Rasyid claimed his statement was misinterpreted.

And it’s a good thing, since state officials weren’t very thrilled with the idea.

"If the goal is improvement, so that our children avoid negative things, there are more noble ways," Education Minister Mohammad Nuh reportedly told reporters at the State Palace in Jakarta.

"If they are not virgins, then what? Will they not be allowed to go to school?" asked the minister, according to Khabar.

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