Saudi Arabia executes 5 Yemenis convicted of crimes, displays bodies in public

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday executed five Yemenis convicted of crimes and displayed their bodies in public as a deterrent for future criminals, the government said.

The Interior Ministry said the five were convicted of setting up a gang that carried out several crimes, including the murder of a Saudi man. They were executed on Tuesday and their bodies were put on display at a square in the southern city of Jazan.

The ministry says the court ordered the bodies displayed because the crimes "indicate that evil and corruption persist" and that the Yemenis had no respect for "sanctities and the blood of others."

Amnesty International said in a statement that a sixth man, a Saudi, was executed for murder.

The kingdom follows a strict interpretation of Islam under which people convicted of murder, drug trafficking, rape and armed robbery can be executed, mostly by the sword or a firing squad.