The Swedish relatives of a self-made millionaire who died in Vancouver is suing his heir, who is actually not his son, according to reports.

CBC News reported that Elis Gosta Hjukstrom died of cancer in 2017 at the age of 87, leaving a Canadian import and distribution business and a Swedish family estate.

He bequeathed those assets, worth some $14 million, to Swedish resident Kenth Lundback, found through paternity tests not to be a biological relative of the dead entrepreneur.

Hjukstrom’s extended family in Sweden are suing Lundback in B.C. Supreme Court, claiming the millionaire was deceived in a “calculated, callous and selfish way” for more than 50 years for Lundback’s financial benefit, according to a notice of civil claim filed last May.

The news outlet reported that Lundback said he and Hjukstrom enjoyed a “warm, happy and encouraging” bond “akin to a father/son relationship.”

Lundback added that Hjukstrom’s Swedish kin only contacted him when they wanted money and gifts, and the millionaire never planned to bequeath his wealth to his surviving siblings, nieces and nephews.

CBC News reported that Hjukstrom had a tryst with Ingrid Jonsson, a childhood friend. Jonsson gave birth to Lundback, and claimed Hjukstrom was the father.

“If I am in fact Kenth’s father, I will of course take responsibility,” Hjukstrom wrote in a letter filed as part of an affidavit.

“Yes, that is the case,” Jonsson later replied. “I don’t think you need to tell anyone about it.”

The case is expected to go to trial in 2020.