Refugees surprised by polar bear when attempting to jump into back of truck in France

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A group of refugees attempting to reach the United Kingdom got a surprise when they attempted to board a truck and discovered a polar bear inside.

The polar bear, Nissan, was on the last leg of his journey on Wednesday from Moscow to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park when several refugees attempted to board the truck in Calais, France.

Video posted by the zoo shows several men opening the truck’s rear door while it was stopped in slow-moving traffic, with three climbing into the vehicle.

French police eventually stopped the truck after 10 minutes and removed the three men as the 22-month-old polar bear looked on from his cage.

The zoo said in a news release that Nissan was “unfazed” by the incident. Support staff on the trip did a quick check on the polar bear, who “remained comfortable” before the journey continued on schedule.

Nissan is now at the park and has joined other bears 15-year-old Victor and two-year-old Pixel in the park's Project Polar reserve, Sky News reported.

A spokesman said told Sky News, "He's absolutely fine. He appears to be settling in well with Victor and Pixel."