A purported potty-mouthed parrot is at the heart of a neighborly dispute in California that has local law enforcement unsure what to do with this bird-brained problem.

Animal Control Services in the Central Valley town of Tracy has responded to over a dozen complaints of a dog barking and a parrot named Rula allegedly cursing up a storm in Spanish.

According to a report by a local news station, the woman who called Animal Control Services, Jessica Baca, claims her neighbor’s bird has repeated a word meaning "prostitute" in Spanish multiple times and now her grandchildren are repeating the word.

Rula's owner Rita Canisales, argued that the parrot does not curse in any language and that he does not know any Spanish, although he can imitate a variety of other noises.

"He barks like a dog and meows like a cat," she said. "He can sound like a drill or sound like a waterfall."

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Canisales added that Baca is probably not hearing Rula correctly and that the bird is actually uttering its own name, which rhymes with the term that has offended Baca.

Tracy Animal Services supervisor Ben Miller said officers who responded to the complaints have not personally heard profanity from Rula.

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