Playstation 4 Will Cost Over $1,800 In Brazil; Gamers Outraged

When shoppers complain in the United States about the high price of the new Playstation 4, they should probably look at what gamers in Brazil will be paying for the long-awaited system.

While the new PS4 will carry a $399 price tag in the U.S., Sony announced that when the system is introduced on Nov. 29 in Brazi,l it will cost roughly $1,800, more than quadruple the cost.

And gamers in Brazil won’t get much of a break if they opt for the new Xbox One, as that will cost about a solid grand in Brazilian stores. In the U.S., Xbox One will cost $499.

So what’s the deal with such exorbitant game system prices in Brazil?

Well, chalk it up to the country’s tax system, which puts heavy levies on video games -- even more than those on firearms. Brazil has a 72 percent tax on video consoles and 71 percent tax on firearms.

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The news of a hefty price on the new game systems was met with outrage by the Brazilian gaming community with one gamer sending out a tweet with all the things that he could buy for the price of the new Playstation.

The wish list included a laptop, smartphone, tablet, refrigerator, oven and even a small Christmas tree all for the same price as one PS4.

Sure a refrigerator will keep your food cool and safe, but can you play Grand Theft Auto on it? For serious gamers, it seems like a tough call.

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