Photographer ripped for images reminiscent of India gang rape

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A photo shoot released by a photographer in India and depicting a woman being touched by several men on a bus, in a scene reminiscent of a brutal gang rape and murder that rocked the country in 2012, is sparking outrage.

Mumbai-based photographer Raj Shetye’s images, titled “The Wrong Turn,” show a woman’s arms, chest and legs being grabbed by men. The woman appears to have an uncomfortable look on her face in several of the photos.

In December 2012, a 23-year-old woman was held down in a moving bus in New Delhi and repeatedly raped. She was penetrated with an iron rod, causing injuries that led to her death two weeks later, according to The Associated Press.

Shetye, speaking to Buzzfeed India, said that the photo shoot is not based on the gang rape and killing, but its aim “is to create art that will gather some reaction in society.”

“The message I would like to give is that it doesn’t matter who the girl is,” he told Buzzfeed India. “It doesn’t depend on which class she belonged in — it can happen to anyone.”

But the images drew outrage from social media users.

“Insensitivity gone high to this level...disgusting #pain #anger” posted user AmritaSharma87.

User aruni_t called the shoot “despicable and utterly insensitive.”

The images – which were posted on the Behance photo-sharing website – have since been taken down by Shetye, who said he wanted to avoid receiving hate messages on Facebook and Twitter.

“It is just a depiction of the situation of women in our country right now,” he said. “It is my personal work, not for any commercial value.”