Parents of 5-year-old genius from Colombia seek help

A cute, bespectacled 5-year-old from central Colombia is making the rounds on Spanish-speaking media showing off his Albert Einstein intelligence. Miguel Angel Rojas, IQ 160, made his U.S. debut Thursday in an interview with the popular showman Don Francisco from Telemundo.

The giggly boy, who speaks fluent English and some Russian and Arabic, has a passion for astronomy and dreams of working in NASA one day. He started reading and writing at age 2.

Miguel’s parents say the boy is the pride of the whole family but also a great responsibility.

“We are worried about all that knowledge that he has in his little head,” said his mother, Alba Palacios, to El Colombiano.

“Every day he wants to know more and more. So we need to help him with that, for example, we need someone who can translate what he writes or speaks in English, Arabic or Russian. Someone who can clear the many doubts he has,” the mom said.

Palacios said the boy knows the names of the planets, the stars, the constellations, and also knows “even the smallest bone of the human body” and all the organs’ functions.

After consulting with several experts in Colombia, Miguel’s parents have begun to seek financial support in order to provide him with the special education he needs.

In the Stanford-Binet scale, a normal IQ (intelligence quotient) ranges from 85 to 115. Only approximately 1 percent of the people in the world have an IQ of 135 or higher.

Genius or near-genius IQ is considered to start around 140 to 145 ­— less than one-fourth of 1 percent of the world’s population falls into this category.