Parents fear daughter, 8, killed at Indian clinic in failed attempt to harvest organs

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The family of a British girl who died after doctors at a clinic in India gave her a mysterious injection claim the operation was a failed attempt to harvest her organs, the Birmingham Mail reports.

The parents of Gurkiren Kaur Loyal, 8, say their daughter was being treated for dehydration during a trip to India when staff reportedly gave her a mystery injection.

"I asked what was the injection for, but he gave me a blank look and injected the liquid into her," Gurkiren's mother Amrit Kaur Loyal told the Birmingham Mail. "Within a split second, Gurkiren's head flipped back, her eyes rolled in her head, and the color completely drained from her. I knew they had killed her on the spot."

The family guarded Gurkiren's body after her death so her organs could not be harvested right away, but when her body was flown home to the UK, the family discovered all of Gurkiren's organs had been removed and only her eyes remained, the Birmingham Mail reports.

Doctors performed a post-mortem examination on Gurkiren before her body was returned to the UK. Amrit described the procedure as "medieval."

"They said they would use a hammer and chisel to open her," she told the Birmingham Mail. "I demanded a more dignified, discreet examination."

The family alleges Gurkiren's organs were removed during the post-mortem examination in India.

The examination yielded no answers into what killed Gurkiren. Another autopsy was performed in UK, but the results were also inconclusive.

Local lawmakers have taken up the family's case and are searching for answers.

"This was an absolutely horrific ordeal for the family to go through and we are trying to work with the foreign office and Indian High Commission to try to get her organs returned," said Birmingham Councilwoman Narinder Kooner.

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