North Korea’s ‘peace gift’ puppies to South Korea pictured for first time

It doesn’t seem like there’s a "ruff" relationship between the two Koreas at the moment.

South Korean president Moon Jae-in unveiled puppies that were born from one of the dogs given to the South by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as “peace gifts” in September. The Pungsan dog, Gomi, gave birth to six puppies — three females and three males — earlier this month.

The official Twitter account for South Korea's presidential Blue House tweeted on Sunday photos of Moon and his wife Kim Jong-sook playing with the furry pups at their home’s courtyard. The office added the puppies are “all very healthy.”

"As the pregnancy period of dogs is about two months, Gomi must have come to us pregnant," Moon reportedly said, according to the Sky News. "As six were added to the two given as a gift, this is a great fortune. I hope inter-Korean affairs will be like this."

South Korea reportedly flew military planes filled with tangerines to North Korea days after the puppies were born.

The North Korean despot gave Moon two dogs, Gomi and Songgang, in September as a peace gesture following their third inter-Korean summit of the year.

Pungsan dogs are rare and native to the northern region of North Korea. The hunting dogs are known for their loyalty and cleverness.