Non-Latino family displaying Mexican gay pride flag offered 'one-way ticket' out of U.S.

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A Scottsdale family filed a harassment complaint after a handwritten letter showed up in the mail claiming to be from a neighbor. The letter was pertaining to a flag the family has outside their home.

The homeowners say they received a letter on Friday pertaining to this flag they have hanging outside of their house.

They say they have had it hanging since about March and they have never received any complaint like that.

"It says, why if you love Mexico so much to hang their flag do you live here in the USA? Why don't you move back to Mexico since you're missing it? If you don't love USA leave it. We in the neighborhood would give you a one way ticket to Mexico," said Joe Schramm, the person who received the letter.

Joe Schramm and his family are upset by this letter that was mailed to them this week.

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It was focused on the flag hanging in front of their home which is a gay pride flag with the symbol from the Mexican flag in the middle.

"I'm saddened that, I got the sense that the writer, the author, thought that someone that lived here was Hispanic or from Mexico and it just saddens me that someone would have received a letter like this just saying hey if you don't like our country, you have to have a U.S. flag out there or they want you to go back home."

Schramm says he and his family in fact are not Hispanic but they embrace and enjoy the culture.

They also support the LGBTQ community.

"We have five children and our oldest son is gay and was just married last October, here in the state of Arizona."

"What hurt me the most is that it assumed that everyone in the neighborhood felt the same way as this individual and I know that's not the case and I sure hope it isn't."

Schramm says as of now he does not have any plans of taking the flag down, but he is hoping that anybody who is possibly offended by it to stop by, have a conversation for better understanding.

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