Narcos Post Hostage Video on YouTube

The brother of a former Mexican attorney general is held hostage at gunpoint and is forced to confess that he and his sister worked for a drug gang.

The video posted on YouTube, Monday, shows Mario Gonzalez sitting in a chair, handcuffed and surrounded by five masked men pointing guns at him.

Gonzalez is the brother of Patricia Gonzalez, who stepped down Oct. 3 as attorney general of the border state of Chihuahua. Mario Gonzalez was kidnapped Thursday.

A state attorney general's office spokesman confirmed Monday that the man in the video is Mario Gonzalez. Calls to Patricia Gonzalez were not immediately returned.

In the video, Gonzalez says at gunpoint that his sister aided La Linea, a street gang tied to the Juarez cartel.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.