Three weeks ago, the residents of Grand Chapuletepec apartment in Mexico City complained about a bad taste in the building’s drinking water.

When city health officials went to check on the building's water tank, they made a grisly discovery: Floating in the water they found the body of a 27-year-old resident of the building – a psychology graduate and aspiring actress, Carmen Yarira Esparza Noriega, who had been missing since last February.

The severely decomposed body was identified by members her family on Christmas Eve. The coroner’s office said they were also able to identify her because of her breast and hip implants.

One of Esparza Noriega's friends, Javier Paz, 30, told the Daily Mail in the U.K., "She was a talented and beautiful woman who dreamed of being an actress. When she failed to turn up at the clinic where she worked, we all thought that she might have been kidnapped and sold off into the sex trafficking industry. But it seems that her body was back in her apartment block the whole time."

Esparza Noriega had not been seen since leaving her gym last year.

According to the Mexican newspaper, El Milenio, friends and family started a social media campaign to try and find her. "Facebook community," one typical post read, "our friend and companion Yarira Noriega has been missing since last Tuesday – spread the news so we can find her as quickly as possible!"

It was feared that the aspiring actress had been abducted into a sex trafficking ring, but, according to the Daily Mail, police are now investigating a former boyfriend, a wealthy businessman, who paid the rent on her apartment.

According to local newspapers, Esparza Noriega had recently broken things off with the businessman after meeting and becoming romantically involved with a lawyer. She had been planning to move out of the Grand Chapultepec apartment when she disappeared.

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