A tiger cub was found inside an express-mailed shipping container Wednesday by Mexican inspectors.

The 2-month-old Bengal tiger cub was sedated and placed  in a plastic container lined with newspapers, Inside Edition reported. The box was punctured with tiny air holes, but did not contain any food or water for the animal.

The dehydrated cub was discovered when a contraband-sniffing dog alerted its handlers.

The cub was express-mailed in the western state of Jalisco to an address over 200 miles away in the central state of Queretaro. Officials found the tiger’s papers to be in order. The animal was seized by authorities due to the way it was shipped.

The country's Department of Natural Resources has reportedly seized protected animals being shipped in the past, including a black bear and white tigers.

The office for environment protection says the case is under investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.