Man convicted of killing British policeman, dissolving body in acid

A British jury has convicted an Italian man of murdering a policeman he met online and trying to dissolve his body in acid, a technique used in the TV show "Breaking Bad."

Jurors at London's Central Criminal Court found Stefano Brizzi guilty Monday of killing Constable Gordon Semple, whom he had met on the gay dating app Grindr.

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Brizzi claimed Semple died accidentally during sadomasochistic sex in April. But prosecutors said the IT developer strangled Semple, dismembered his body and tried to dissolve his flesh in an acid bath.

Prosecutors said Brizzi, a crystal meth addict, was obsessed by the drug drama "Breaking Bad." In one episode, a body is dissolved in acid, and Brizzi said he was "inspired by the idea."

Brizzi will be sentenced on Dec. 9.