Landmine in Somali capital kills at least 10

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A police official and witnesses say at least 10 people died, including five government soldiers, when a land mine exploded near a police station in south Mogadishu overnight.

Witness Abdi Fatah said Sunday that the 10 people died instantly.

Ali Gab, a Somali police official said that five of his fellow police officers were killed in the attack. He blamed the militant group al-Shabab for the attack.

Fadum Hassan, a nurse at Medina hospital, said that 20 injured people had been admitted to the hospital and some are in critical condition.

The weak U.N.-backed Somali government is battling an Islamist insurgency. The impoverished Horn of Africa nation has not had a functioning government for nearly 20 years.