Joseph Kony's rebel group LRA killed far fewer civilians in 2012, group finds

A group that tracks the Josephy Kony-led Lord's Resistance Army says the group killed 51 civilians across Central Africa in 2012, a huge drop in the number killed from two years previous.

President Barack Obama sent 100 U.S. advisers to help in the hunt for Kony and the LRA in late 2011, but the report released Thursday by the LRA Crisis Tracker did not say if their presence helped reduce the number of attacks.

The group said that the 51 civilians killed last year is the lowest number since 2007. It said the LRA killed 706 civilians in 2010 and 154 in 2011.

The LRA carried out attacks within 10 kilometers (6 miles) of Obo — where U.S. advisers are stationed — twice in 2012, the report said.