ISIS issues threat to Spanish-speaking countries: You're next

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Islamic State terrorists on Tuesday warned that more attacks are on the way against European countries as well the United States, and they also issued for the first time a Spanish-language warning.

In a statement issued by the Wafa Media Foundation, a pro ISIS group and signed by Abu Al-Baraa Ibn Malik, the group warned that citizens of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries are among its next  potential targets. According to the message, it was a response to recent bombings in Syria and Iraq.

“We are going to kill any Spanish infidel ‘innocent’ if we find them in Muslim lands, and if we do not achieve it in our lands, remember that men and women who follow our message [are] citizens of Spain and all Spanish-speaking countries,” the statement, which had a number of grammatical errors, read, according to Tiempo de San Juan.

“Our religion and our faith live with us, and [we] do not even know their name nor what they look like and do not even know whether they are European in origin or not. [They will be] killed in their cities and towns as planned, in the same way that [they] kill our families,” the statement continued.

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According to Tiempo de San Juan, ISIS said they sent the statement in Spanish so that countries “stop the aggression of their armies against innocent civilians, our homes and our riches.”

It went on, “This is your opportunity to strengthen your armies, associations and institutions, lawyer associations and organizations and other means to stop this devastating war, if you really want to live in peace. So they have to understand that the war will not stop our subsidiary advance to kill them, if you do not stop to invade our land and kill our families. And now, who is the terrorist, us or you?”

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