Honduran president holds lead as vote count nears end

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez held on to a lead of more than 52,000 votes in the country's hotly-disputed presidential race, with less than 0.04 percent of ballots left to be counted.

Eight out of 1,031 ballot boxes that presented "inconsistencies" had not yet been opened, but the count was being conducted without the presence of representatives of opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla.

Nasralla has called for a broader recount and a redo of the entire vote.

With about 96.96 percent of the votes tallied by the country's electoral tribunal early Monday, Hernandez had a lead of 43 percent to Nasralla's 41.4 percent.

Nasralla said Sunday that the tribunal is not "an independent organism and as such, is neither credible nor trustworthy for the people."