German nationalist lawmaker lashes out at Jewish activist

A leading member of the nationalist party Alternative for Germany has launched an attack on a prominent Jewish activist, calling for the anti-racism organization she heads to be shut down.

European lawmaker Beatrix von Storch lashed out Wednesday at a brochure produced by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation that described her party, known by its acronym AfD, as far-right and populist.

Von Storch, the granddaughter of Nazi Germany's finance minister, called for the "plug to be pulled" on the foundation.

She also described its founder, Anetta Kahane, as a "Stasi-aunt" — a reference to Kahane's past as one of 200,000 unpaid informants of East Germany's secret police in 1974-1982.

A foundation representative, Timo Reinfrank, accused von Storch of trying to portray herself as a victim ahead of regional elections this weekend.