A German man jailed for committing three bank robberies reportedly gave a very rambling, 20-hour-long statement before his sentencing Monday that included anecdotes about his fitness routine and accounts from his criminal career.

A judge in Hamburg's district court cut off Michael Jauernik before sentencing him to 12-and-a-half years in prison for three bank heists between 2011 and 2018, in which he shot one employee, The Guardian reported.

She said she regretted not interrupting Jauernik, 71, earlier for his repetitions and “excessive digressions."

Jauernik started robbing banks in the 1970s and served several jail terms. He gained some notoriety in the 1980s when he was dubbed the "Thursday robber" for holding up a string of banks shortly before closing time on Thursdays.

During his prolonged statement, he reportedly said he was "more intelligent and clever than any employee of the criminal police agency" and bragged about his daily fitness regimen in jail. He also boasted about doing situps three times each day and doing 5-K runs, the report added.

Jauernik said he went back to robbing banks after working as a night porter where he found his pension payments "pitiful." He justified the robberies by insinuating he targeted corrupt financial institutions.

"I didn't rob supermarkets or old women," Jauernik said.


The unnamed judge said it was unlikely he would be rehabilitated.

"We are sure that you will still think it legitimate to rob banks and threaten people in 12 years’ time," she said. "You suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder, which was on display to everyone who followed the main trial," she said.