Funeral held for Shanghai bishop but successor's whereabouts unknown after gov't rejects him

Funeral services have been held for Shanghai Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian amid uncertainty about the future leadership of one of China's largest and wealthiest dioceses.

Jin died Saturday at age 96 after a life that took him from religious studies in Europe to Mao Zedong's labor camps. He had been criticized by some for cooperating with Mao's successors in reviving the church in Shanghai, but later reconciled with the Vatican and worked to heal divisions between Catholics who worship in the state church and those who do so in underground congregations.

Despite that, Jin's anointed successor Ma Daqin was placed under house arrest after renouncing his role in the Communist Party-controlled Catholic Patriotic Association. Ma had been confined to Shanghai's main seminary, but his whereabouts on Thursday were unknown.