French security head warns of possible ISIS attacks in country

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France’s spy chief reportedly said earlier this month that militants from the terror group ISIS are planning a series of bomb attacks on crowds in the country for next month’s Euro 2016 soccer championships.

Reuters reported that Patrick Calvar, the head of France’s intelligence agency, made the rare remarks at a committee meeting.

He reportedly mentioned “a new form of attack … characterized by placing explosive devices in places where there are large crowds and repeating this type of action to create a climate of maximum panic.”

The report of the plans to focus on the championship would not be the first time the terror group targeted a sporting event. In the country’s November attacks, two massive bombs detonated outside the Stade de France in Paris during a match between a German and French team. The three people killed at the stadium were included in the 130 killed in coordinated attacks in the country.

Calvar made his remarks on May 10, but the transcript of the meeting was released to the media on Thursday.

“It's in a position where it would try to hit as quickly as possible and as hard as possible," Calvar said, according to Reuters." It is facing military difficulties on the ground and so will want to divert attention and avenge coalition air strikes," he said.