Forest ranger almost strangled to death by python while posing for a selfie with it

An Indian forest ranger was nearly strangled to death by a 90-pound python when he captured the overgrown reptile and then posed for a selfie with it.

Sanjay Dutta was called to the village of Sahebbari, West Bengal, on Sunday after the huge 30-foot Indian rock python swallowed a goat alive near a school.

He was able to wrangle the snake, but instead of placing it in a bag, he wrapped it around his neck to pose for photographs.

However, just seconds later, the snake began to constrict around Dutta’s neck, wrapping one coil completely round his neck, as he began to visibly panic.

Fortunately he was able to free himself with the help of villagers, and he was able to walk away unscathed.


Despite the panicked expression on his face, Dutta told Agence France-Presse: “I was not scared for even a moment.

“Because had I panicked, it could have been fatal.”

Indian rock pythons are non-venomous and it kills its prey by constricting it before swallowing it head first.

The incident comes just days after the body of an Indonesian woman was found in the stomach of a giant python after she disappeared while tending to her garden.

Villagers found the bloated python on the outskirts of their village of Persiapan Lawela, killed it and cut it open, making the horrifying discovery.