Facebook post purportedly by Assad’s 11-year-old son taunts US to strike

A Facebook account purportedly belonging to the 11-year-old son of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad seemingly taunts the United States to strike the country.

"I just want them to attack soooo much, because I want them to make this huge attack of beginning something that they don’t know the end of it," Hafez al-Assad allegedly posted.

The New York Times reports that it's impossible to confirm the post was indeed written by Bashar's son. But the report did mention that several children and grandchildren of senior Syrian government officials have liked or posted comments on the post. Hafez also listed the Montessori school in the section of his education, and he is indeed a graduate of the school.

The post goes on to insult U.S. soldiers as "cowards" who claim to be liberators and also blames the U.S. for starting the revolution.

"Maybe they are stronger, maybe they will destroy the army, but they will never destroy these remnants and little bits of resistance, it’s who we are, we are born to fight and resist, we will fight them everywhere until they get out if they came in in the first place, no matter how much hard they try to get us out of our holy land they will never succeed," the post said.

Reports of the post comes just after British lawmakers rejected participation in military action, leaving President Obama having to wait for France’s assistance or go it alone.