Explosive tissues, hostage guards: Interpol joins hunt for French bandit after brazen escape

Interpol has joined the hunt for a French bandit who escaped from prison after taking four guards hostage and blasting through a series of armored doors to a waiting car.

Officials said Redoine Faid had a gun and explosives hidden in tissue packets when he escaped Saturday from the prison in Lille, near the Belgian border. A prosecutor says he fled in a car, freeing his hostages along the way.

Faid wrote a book about his criminal exploits after his first release from prison on armed robbery charges. That stint included a 1995 escape, when he fled to Switzerland and Israel, BFM-TV reported. He was jailed again in the May 2010 killing of a police officer.

Interpol on Monday put out its equivalent of an arrest warrant.


Online: http://www.interpol.int/Wanted-Persons/(wanted_id)/2013-19659