Ex-exec: paid millions in bribes to Brazil president party

A former construction executive says his company paid $40 million to Brazilian President Michel Temer's party and another party to ensure a contract with the state oil company.

In plea bargain testimony released late Wednesday, Marcio Faria says he was in a meeting with Temer and other politicians to "bless" the deal in 2010. Faria said no figures were discussed at the meeting, but the deal was clear: Odebrecht would pay the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party 5 percent of the value of a pending contract with Petrobras. That amounted to around $40 million.

Faria says Temer's party later decided to cut in the Workers' Party. At the time, Temer was the vice-presidential candidate on a ticket with Workers' Party presidential candidate Dilma Rousseff.

Temer's office denies the accusations.