Egypt considers banning burka in crackdown against Islamic extremists

A proposal to ban women in Egypt from wearing the burka is being debated by the country’s parliament.

MP Ghada Ajam has submitted a bill in the Egyptian parliament calling for a fine of 1,000 Egyptian pounds ($55) for women who defy the proposed ban, it was reported.

She said the purpose of the bill is “to support the state’s efforts in fighting terrorism”, Media Line, a Middle East news website reported her as saying.


A copy of the draft bill obtained by Media Line says the burka would be prohibited in Egyptian public spaces “at any time and under any circumstances”.

These would include hospitals, health clinics, schools, cinemas, theatres, public libraries, museums, and government buildings.

Political analyst Ahmad Sharbini said the proposal came through a period of instability because of radical Islamic groups operating within the country and public safety was “more important than anything”.

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