DJ driven mad by ant trapped inside computer screen for 5 months

A DJ in the United Kingdom was driven to distraction by a bug in his computer — an ant trapped inside the laptop’s screen.

Ian Ossia, 46, at first thought the scurrying in­sect was on its surface and tried flick it away.

But he eventually realized it was inside the $6,400 Apple device and was criss-crossing the screen in a frantic bid to escape.

He reckons the critter crawled in as the MacBook was being assembled.

Incredibly, the resilient insect ­survived for five months behind the screen but died after failing to shift.

Ian, of Leeds, now fears it may have been gnawing on cables inside the computer.

He said: “I noticed something that looked like it was crawling across the screen.

“I tried to flick it off but it wasn’t on the screen, it was actually trapped behind it. It’s there all the time," he added. "It’s extremely annoying. I now think it must have died as it has completely stopped moving."

“I don’t know what it has been eating for five months but it could have been nibbling the cables and causing internal damage.”

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