Danish government ally convicted of defamation

A Danish appeals court has upheld a defamation ruling and a 10,000-krone ($1,417) fine given to a populist party that supports Denmark's center-right government.

The Eastern High Court said the Danish People's Party should also pay 1,000 kroner ($142) to each of the 15 people who had sued it over a May 2013 newspaper advertisement listing 685 people about to be naturalized.

The full-page ad claimed the list contained one, unidentified person who was "endangering Denmark's security," because the country's security service had that person on its radar. The plaintiffs claimed they all came under suspicion as that person.

Deputy party leader Soeren Espersen said they were considering appealing Thursday's ruling.

Twice a year, Denmark's Parliament votes to naturalize people and their names are posted online alongside other law proposals.