Craig Romney Addresses Spanish

Mitt Romney’s youngest son, Craig, took the stage Thursday night in support of his father’s presidential campaign.

A visibly emotional Romney praised his father for being a great mentor, for being someone who can unite the United States and can restore the country to its greatness. All typical words one would expect from the son of someone running for president of the United States of America…except he said this in Spanish.

Craig Romney, who spent two years working as a Mormon missionary in Chile, has been key to his father’s Hispanic outreach – he’s been featured in Spanish-language television ads, spoken to Spanish-language media and met with Latino voters in key states such as Florida and California.

Before Craig Romney spoke, the RNC ran a video trying to appeal to Latino voters. It featured Hispanic politicians such as Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio and Brian Sandoval, who said the Republican party’s core values are the same as Latinos.

Below is posted a transcript of Craig Romney’s Speech at the Republican Convention:

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I am honored and humbled to speak with you tonight. I am incredibly proud of my father, and love him dearly.

It is my privilege to say a few words in Spanish, so please bear with me for a moment.

Buenas Noches. Es un placer estar con ustedes.

Yo pase dos años viviendo y trabajando en Chile. A través de esa experiencia, pude valorar an mas como hispanos han aportado a la diversa riqueza de los Estados Unidos.

Mi padre - Mitt Romney - es un hombre de familia. Él es un gran esposo, padre y abuelo. Él sabe como unir a nuestro país y valora que somos una nación de inmigrantes, unidos en el deseo de lograr el sueno americano.

El ama a nuestra nación. El luchará para confrontar los retos que tenemos y restaurar la grandeza de los Estados Unidos.

It's easy to forget that the story of my father's success begins with the story of two immigrants - my grandfathers - who came to this country with little more than hope in the opportunity of America.

Through their hard work and perseverance they lived the American dream, and gave opportunities to their children they wouldn't have had anywhere else. The Republican Party is dedicated to preserving that opportunity for all Americans.

We've had the privilege of hearing about different chapters of this same inspiring American story from Governors Sandoval and Martinez and soon-to-be-Senator Cruz.

We're seeing this story play out in the lives of many other Hispanic Americans who have become leaders in the Republican Party and throughout our nation.

These leaders, along with Hispanics across the country, will play a vital role in the Romney-Ryan comeback, as we fight to put America back on the path to prosperity.

Thank you.

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