Colombia deports man called Peru's most-wanted drug lord

Colombian police have announced the capture of a man described as Peru*s most-wanted drug trafficker.

Officials say Gerson Galvez, or alias "Caracol," was arrested at a Medellin shopping center and expelled on Sunday to Peru because he lacked migration papers.

Peruvian authorities say Galvez was first spotted in March in Ecuador and his movements had been tracked since then in Panama and Colombia.

Colombian police say he owned a luxury apartment in Medellin.

Galvez is wanted for more than 100 killings in Peru, where he managed large shipments of cocaine from the main seaport in Callao. Colombian authorities dubbed as Latin America's new "El Chapo," in reference to Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman.

The U.S. government says Peru is the world*s largest producer of cocaine.